Our Equality Strategy

Central and South Sussex Citizens Advice is committed to promoting equality via its service, and as a place to work.

Central and South Sussex Advice’s equality aims are aligned to those of national Citizens Advice:

We will be a stronger champion for equality by:

  • Challenging discrimination through advice.
  • Championing equality through research and campaigns
  • Valuing diversity as an employer and volunteer agency.

We and Citizens Advice believe that our common humanity makes us equal in worth, dignity and rights. We strive to provide practical tools to respond to clients’ needs and solve problems:

  • To give advice and campaign on the key equality issues that really matter to our clients.
  • To understand how to work with marginalised groups we don’t reach so well.
  • To provide advice, develop services and run campaigns in ways that empower clients.


Please take a look at the Citizens Advice ‘Stand Up for Equality’ strategy

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