What To Expect

What To Expect

Whichever way you choose to access our services, the same basic process will be followed.

We will initially assess your problem to make sure you get the information and advice you need.

If you require information, we will show you how to locate the key facts relating to issue from our internet-based database, you’ll also receive a printed copy of the information you require.


If you require advice, we will try to resolve your problem during your first visit. During your interview we will make a full assessment of your problem. The Adviser will ask a series of questions to understand the depth and crucial points of the situation. They will explain what options are available to deal with your particular situation.


Sometimes, it will be necessary for you to receive further advice; we will make this appointment for you. This tends to happen when there are lots of issues, specific paperwork required or you need to see a specialist to resolve your problem.


If you are referred for a further appointment you will be given a time and date, and a list of information to bring to this appointment. It is very important that you attend this appointment with all the correct information otherwise your adviser may not be able to help you resolve your problem.

Our advisers will clearly explain the options available to you and the possible outcomes of the different courses of action. You are encouraged to make your own decisions and act on your own behalf.

Emma, Adviser


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