What We Advise On

What We Advise On

We offer general advice on debt, housing, welfare benefits, employment, consumer problems, family issues, legal issues and many other areas.

We run a number of different services in partnership with other organisations, to ensure clients can access to the most relevant information for their needs.

In 2013/14, the top five issues dealt with by our volunteer advisers were:

  • Welfare benefits
  • Debt
  • Housing
  • Employment
  • Family and relationships

However, the team can help with all sorts of issues, from consumer issues to health and social care issues.

Financial gains for our clients

Each year at CaSSCA, we record the positive outcomes of our advisers and caseworkers with clients. The total financial gains for our clients over the course of 2011/12 were over £12 million. This was in the form of benefits awarded, debt written off or reduced, employment settlements and other financial gains, such as discretionary grants and housing awards.

How we have helped previous clients

One of our clients faced an allegation she had been living with a partner for a number of years while claiming as a lone parent. She was informed she had been overpaid over £100,000 in a number of benefits and was subject to a Criminal Court Hearing. Although she had pleaded not guilty, on the day of the hearing her new barrister told her that she could not win this case. She was informed that if she did not change her plea to guilty she would lose the case, be sent to prison and her children taken in to care. The client felt intimidated into changing her plea to guilty.

She came to our specialists for help with the civil case which had been referred to the Tribunal Service. With CaSSCA support, she argued and won her case and the Tribunal decided that the overpayment decisions be set aside. The DWP did not challenge this decision so the overpayments were cancelled.

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